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Newfound super-Earth alien planet whips around its star every 0.67 days

Say hello to the extreme ‘super-Earth’ TOI-1685 b.

We keep getting reminders that the Milky Way’s planetary diversity dwarfs what we see in our own solar system.

The newfound exoplanet TOI-1685 b is yet another case in point. Astronomers found it circling a dim red dwarf star about 122 light-years from Earth. “Circling” is too ordinary a world for TOI-1685 b’s motion, however; the alien world whips around its parent star once every 0.67 Earth days.

Red dwarfs, also known as M dwarfs, are much smaller and dimmer than Earth’s sun, but TOI-1685 b’s extreme proximity to its host star, called TOI-1685, makes it a very toasty world nonetheless. The discovery team estimates its surface temperature to be around 1,465 degrees Fahrenheit (796 degrees Celsius).


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