Report: FBI actively investigating ‘Hunter Biden and his associates’ for money-laundering

The Department of Justice took the rare step to confirm the existence of an ongoing investigation Thursday, confirming to Sinclair that the FBI is still conducting a federal money-laundering probe into the Biden family.

According to Sinclair’s James Rose, a former Fox News correspondent, former Biden business associate-turned-whistleblower named Tony Bobulinski was interviewed by the FBI for five hours on Friday.

The report comes the same week Bobulinski said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was “compromised” by the Chinese Communist Party.

“I think Joe Biden and the Biden family is compromised,” Bobulinski said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after Carlson dedicated the entire prime-time hour to outlining the Biden family’s financial schemes of selling American political influence by leveraging Joe Biden’s name to take in foreign cash


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