Twitter is losing users, just as censorship fatigue hits hard


Twitter tried to subvert the Constitution by using the free market to turn the censoring of conservative thought into a defensible position. And now Americans are using their free-market choices to say goodbye to Twitter.

That’s called tit for tat.

That’s called just due.

That’s called paying the piper.

It was only a matter of time before Americans, en masse, grew weary of the whole social media clampdown on conservative thought. It was turning into quite a cycle: Social media minions censor conservatives — followed by public outcry — followed by congressional hearing — followed by social media executive denials of censorship — followed by social media minions censor conservatives — followed by public outcry — followed by — well, the picture’s pretty clear.

It was a never-ending circus act, one that always left the American public in the lurch, left to either make the case that government should crack down on private businesses or to accept that conservatives should just suck it up and suffer the censorship. Social media’s leftist leaning leaders have been particularly adept at using America’s own freedoms to their particular anti-freedom purposes.

After all, the First Amendment only applies to government, not private businesses. Right?


What do you think?


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